Madeline Tells Her Story From The Mansion

I’ve been thinking about blogging all day and  every time I sat down to write, I just couldn’t do it.

No matter what I thought to write about it seemed off, considering all that has happened in Charlottesville, Virginia in the past days.

So I’ve decided to act on Jon’s idea of putting good out into the world as a response the hate and violence.

I’ve been visiting The Mansion, the assisted living facility in our town, pretty regularly with Jon and Red and now Gus too.  I’ve gotten to know many of the people who live there.  Like Jon, I feel oddly at home there.  It’s a welcoming and comfortable place.

Madeline, who is in her early 90’s, is a natural story-teller.  She speaks her mind and has a strong will and sense of herself.  She also has a generous spirit.  Madeline spent much of her childhood in an orphanage and in foster care, so she says she’s used to the kind of group living that is life in The Mansion.

It seemed to me a good day to share Madeline’s story.  One where she acknowledges the often hard realities of life, but also is able to find the joy in it.

You can read Madeline’s story and stories from other people who live at The Mansion in the book that Jon helped  to create called “Tales From The Mansion“.  It has 15 stories, with a forward and photos by Jon.

Tales From The Mansion is $10 and you can preorder it  here from Connie at Battenkill Books at or by calling (518) 677-2515.

The cover of Tales From The Mansion

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