How I’m Feeling Quilt Continued….

I finished designing my latest quilt this evening.

It has a piece of fabric in it that I brought home from India and a Molas, which is  a handmade textile made by the Kuna, who live on the San Blas Islands off Panama.

Because the quilt is already sold and I know Luanne, who is buying it, loves horses, I used a piece of fabric art that someone sent me with the image of a horse on it.

It was one of the last pieces I added to the quilt and it fit perfectly.



5 thoughts on “How I’m Feeling Quilt Continued….

  1. I love how this quilt turned out, the colors are so cheerful and for some reason bring to mind the end of summer though probably because I love the Fall so I tend to see autumn in everything with orange, reds and gold.

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