Linda Corrow’s Hand Woven Bird Houses At The Bedlam Farm Open House

Linda’s handwoven bird house

I can’t even remember how it came about.  Jon and I were in the Valley Artisan’s Market in town and I was getting a ceramic tile with a frog on it for Jon and he was buying me a hand-woven bird house.

It all happened so quick.  Within moments Linda was handing me her card and telling me she’d make a bunch of birdhouses and have them for me in two weeks.

I couldn’t resist them.   I knew people coming to the Open House would want them.

Linda  Corrow is a basket weaver.   I remember meeting her about six months ago.  I was taken with her passion and enthusiasm for her work.  She explained the small details on each basket that made them special and unique.

Linda said she got the idea for the bird houses from the gourd bird houses she’s seen.   She thought that she could weave a bird house based on that design.

It took her a while to perfect, but eventually she figured it out.

The red around the doorway of the house attracts the birds.  When they leave the nest for good, you can easily clean the house out by pushing something like a screwdriver in the spaces in the bottom of the house and removing the old nest through the doorway.  You can even hose them down with water.

In the winter you can use the bird house as a bird feeder by  laying some paper in the bottom of the house to block the spaces then filling it with bird seed.

Because it’s woven the birds find it easy to land on the outside of the house and poke their heads in to get the seeds.

Each Bird House is expertly and beautifully hand-woven.  I’m so happy to have them at the Bedlam Farm Open House which is October 7th and 8th from 11-4pm.





3 thoughts on “Linda Corrow’s Hand Woven Bird Houses At The Bedlam Farm Open House

  1. Hello Maria – I don’t suppose Linda sells these online? Though I would love to be there for your Open House I don’t think I will be able to make the trip this year…and wow, this is a wonderful design and idea. If so could you let me know? Thank you!!

    1. Kathy, I’ll have to check with Linda about her selling them on line. I can sell you a bird house if she doesn’t. I’ll be in touch. Thanks for asking.

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