Suzy Fatzinger’s Handspun and Hand Knit Shawls at the Bedlam Farm Open House

Suzy’s Shawl

Suzy Fatzinger has been hand spinning and knitting her beautiful work for The Bedlam Farm Open House for a few years now.

Last year she made a bunch of fingerless gloves.  They sold out quickly and she made more for people who couldn’t come to the Open House.

Suzy also made a few shawls, they also sold out.

This year, Suzy was planning on making more fingerless gloves,  (I have pictures of Suzy on vacation at the beach knitting gloves and shawls), but it doesn’t seem to be happening.

She is however making shawl after shawl.

I told her to keep going with what she feels drawn to make.  Whatever you make, I texted her, I’ll sell.  

I believe in trusting the artist, not trying to tell them what to create.

So this year at the Bedlam Farm Open House we’ll have Suzy’s hand spun and hand knit shawls.   So far she sent me picture of three of them, but there’s still two months before the Open House.

The Shawl in the picture above has several different types of wool in it.  The gray wool is from my Romney sheep, Griselle.

I told Suzy, that it made me think of the Rings of Saturn, a paper wasp nest or a sea shell.  That it has nature in it.

Suzy will once again be at the Open House at Bedlam Farm on October 7th and 8th selling her work and  spinning her wool.  So you’ll be able to see at least part of the process that goes into creating each shawl.

And I’ll get to visit with Suzy for a while.  She lives in Pennsylvania so we don’t get to see much of each other.  But we do keep in touch by texting and sending photos and videos back and forth to each other.  Not as good as the real thing, but it works.

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