A Foul Mood

The garbage pail in my studio.  Part of the “Little Windows Potholder” mess.

Yesterday was one of those day’s where I woke up in a foul mood and it stayed with me all day.

On days like that I wonder how Jon puts up with me. But he just said that everyday there’s a different Maria and he never knows who he going to wake up next to each morning.  I don’t have a sense of that myself, but it seems to work for both of us.

On a day like yesterday, there’s nothing that makes me feel better.  Not only  was I pissy and irritable , but I  woke up hungry and couldn’t get enough to eat.   Even the two big pieces of Salmon (my favorite)  and the promise of ice cream didn’t help.

It was all I could do to blog yesterday and answer my email.

On days like that, it’s better if I’m just by myself.

I did come out for lunch and dinner and when a couple of friends stopped by for a short visit.  But other than that, I tried to find refuge from myself  by making potholders in my studio.  I even went back after dinner and worked into the dark.

And needless to say, I didn’t like a thing I made.

But when I came into my studio this morning (feeling so much better, I  have no idea why) and looked at the 15 Little Window Potholders scattered on my floor I  really liked them.   And since my studio’s such a mess (the Little Window Potholders create their own particular kind of mess)  I’m going to make more today.

Maybe foul moods are good for something after all.

Yesterday’s potholders (what’s not to like?)

7 thoughts on “A Foul Mood

  1. Maria, I totally understand this post. Sometimes you just wake up foul and there’s not a thing you can do about it. But it’s generally a very productive state for me – if I can’t sew, I’ll clean or go out for a really long walk or do something. Sitting still is really bad when I’m like that, but at least when I come out of it the next day I can look around and see that I did something.

    Glad the mood passed. And I like the potholders as well.

  2. Hi Maria,
    I know what you mean about the foul mood. I notice that the barometric pressure is involved when I feel that way. I just want the wind to blow through me and push my clouds away. Sometime during the day, the pressure changes,my head feels fine and I am calmer and focused again. It’s also amazing what an overnight break can do for our creative perspective, isn’t it ? And sometimes the foul day makes us appreciate the good ones even more.

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