Circus Dog and Donkeys?


Gus and Lulu

I’m not sure why I started putting Gus on the donkey’s backs.

I know I was conscious of how Gus’ mother Hannah would spring from a standing position straight up into Jon’s car when we visited.  I guess a part of me was picturing those circus ponies running in circles while those little dogs would jump on and off their backs.

And I know the Fanny and Lulu love when the hens walk on their backs picking off bugs and bits of grass.  I imagine it must feel good, like getting your back scratched.

So we’ve been practicing.

Gus is good about sitting and staying.  I don’t know how much he enjoys it, but he’s definitely getting better at it.  And both Fanny and Lulu have become patient and accepting of it too.

One time when Gus was on Lulu’s back, she started walking and Gus jumped right off.  He’s never jumped from that high a distance before.

And the other night, when the coyotes started howling, Gus jumped right into Jon’s lap.  He’s never jumped up that high either.

It’s like he’s on a little spring-board.

So it’s possible that Gus may be able to jump up on Lulu or Fanny’s back someday soon.  But I really can’t imagine either of them standing for that.

Although who knows.  I never imagined making one of my dogs sit on one of my donkey’s backs.  You can never tell what might happen.

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