Back In The Woods

We haven’t been walking in the woods lately.  It’s been very hot and the buggy.

Gus loves to walk with us on the road, but we weren’t sure how he’s do in the woods.  The first couple of time we took him, he seemed to enjoy it as much as the rest of us, even thought there are places where the grass towers over his head.

This morning was cool and the bugs not as bad.  So we went back to the woods.  It felt good to be there again.

3 thoughts on “Back In The Woods

  1. I have had such a tiring week at work.. My last first week of classes, getting everyone in the right place at the right time. I think I have chosen one semester too late. Or else maybe this is the separation period I have to go through. But there it was, a wonderful Bedlam Farm video including many of my favorite things–rRed being persistent, Gus demonstrating his ability to scurry out of the way of the sheep, and of course sweet Fate keeping the sheep in sit tight little. Bunch. I love that dog!

    Thank you, Maria and Jon.


  2. Dear Maria, I hate missing a WHOLE WEEK of your blog, just canning and freezing and gardening keeps me away from the computer. BUT I SURE DO LOVE CATCHING UP!! The photos and videos of Fate, Red and Gus light up my day. Annie

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