Layers of Potholders


It was 4pm and I was creatively spent.

I knew if I didn’t clean up the fabric  piled on my desk and ironing board I’d be making more potholders tomorrow.  And I still might.

But when I noticed the past few days, when I get into my studio in the morning, one of the reasons I’m making more potholders is because I’d have to clean up to start something different.   There was just too much fabric around to toss it in a corner and move on as I sometimes do.

And the potholder had me in their grip.

By the late afternoon,  my head and body were tried, but I was also happy with the work I had done.

I’m not sure what to call these potholders yet, but I was thinking of layers, like stratum in rocks or the landscape.  They don’t all adhere to that idea, but it’s the thinking they came from.

Like the Little Window Potholders they’re surrounded by a single pattern to set off the smaller design.   But these seem more like tapestries or woven rugs, than spaces to enter.  Although some of them are inviting in that same way.

Sitting here, looking at the photo of them, I have the urge to go back to my studio and make more…

A close up of one of the potholders

5 thoughts on “Layers of Potholders

  1. Hi Maria! In the above photo, I love the potholder on the very right, bottom row. Looks like it has a brown border wit orange, and som pink & blue. Is it available? Thanks so much!

  2. If you have the urge, keep going! Or make a wall hanging joining several of them together like a patchwork, or some kind of stained glass window design. Great way to use up those tiny scraps with beautiful patterns – little jewels – you present them in a way that makes them shine – when in others hands they would have gone straight in the garbage!

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