Fate and Gus’ Hosta Playground

The Hostas I transplanted in the back yard alongside the house and in front of my studio were doing really well this year.  I figured out that I had to surround them with rocks so the dogs wouldn’t dig in between them.   And it was working.

Until we got Gus.

At first, it was cute the way Gus would hide under the big hosta leaves, sometimes falling asleep in his own little hosta world.

But then,  Fate and Gus started playing in the hostas.  I’ve seen Gus running around with a big hosta leaf in his mouth as Fate chases him.

I understand the hostas are cool and soft to lay on and under, but I never imagined them as a playground.

Some Hostas have survived.  But I’ve given up on trying to protect the ones that have become the favorites of  Fate and Gus.

The good thing about hostas is their resilience.  I know they’ll be back next year, no matter what Fate and Gus do to them this year.  And maybe next year they’ll forget how much fun it is to destroy a hosta and they’ll move onto something else.

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