30 of Jon’s Blue Heron Photos Sold

The back porch this morning.

I spent the morning  working on my new quilt.  And in the afternoon Jon and I visited Connie, who is back home at the Mansion.

But this evening I’ve been in my upstairs “office” working on orders for Jon’s Blue Heron Photo.  He sold 30 already.  At this rate, I’m not sure we’ll have any still available for the Open House.

We closed off the back pasture this morning.

Lulu came back from it with begger ticks on her (those small diamond-shaped Velcro-like seeds) and I don’t want to risk the sheep getting them in their wool.  We’ll be shearing them soon (during the Open House) and I want to keep their wool as clean as possible.

But this also means the Blue Heron will have more privacy.  No sheep, donkeys, dogs or people running her off.  She was standing in the middle of the pasture this morning and only flew off when I got close.  We won’t be disturbing her much anymore.

2 thoughts on “30 of Jon’s Blue Heron Photos Sold

  1. Good morning Maria ~
    My husband, John, and I moved to Phoenix almost 8 years ago from a rural area in Southern Maryland named Solomons. We loved living there near the water and still miss watching the Great Blue Heron fly over the river and still miss the quiet, peaceful woods behind our home as well. I would like to order a copy of each of Jon’s prints; the Blue Heron and the country home in the woods. Please let me know how you would like payment and further address information. I have my fingers crossed there are a few left! Thank you . . .
    Most sincerely,
    Debbie Mulholland

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