Jon and Gus Often Playing “Pirate”

What can I say, it’s not my idea of a good time, but Jon and Gus (and Fate) seem to love it.

2 thoughts on “Jon and Gus Often Playing “Pirate”

  1. i have been following jons blog long enough to remember when we didnt know about maria, or perhaps you hadnt met? At that time Jon did not show himself on line. it was a mystery what the “interesting dog man” looked like. it was like talking to a neighbour through a high fence. im loving this development of seeing you both with my eyes. thanks so much for sharing these moments with us.

    1. I imagine it’s very different if you’ve been following Jon since the beginning of his blog Rose. Quite the evolution. And it’s fun the way our blogs can work together sometimes doing just what you’re saying.

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