“Tantra Song” Quilt For Sale

Tantra Song,  64″x76″ $425 + $20 shipping

By now I’m used to getting some good words about the work I post on my blog.  Or someone wanting to buy what I’ve made, which amounts to the same.

When I first posted  my latest quilt on my blog, I was met with silence.

Not so easy to bear.  But I didn’t let it discourage me too much. I realized that this was not only  something new for me, but for the people who read my blog and look at my art too.

The important thing is that I  didn’t let the silence stop me from creating the quilt I wanted to.  Because I know it’s part of my evolution as an artist.  And even if it turns out that no one likes what I’ve made except me, it’s still important for me to make.  For myself and for what it may lead to next.

For me, to be a creative person, an artist, means to always be coming up with new ideas, to try new things.  Sometimes those idea are met with enthusiasm and sometimes they’re not.

Although I  may work with the same theme again and again, for it to keep my interest and have continued meaning, my work must continually be evolving.  Sometimes that evolution appears slow and  incremental.  And sometimes it looks so different, even though many elements of it are the same,  it’s hard for some people to like or accept it.

Sometimes it take a person seeing something new again and again for them to get used to it.  For it to begin to have meaning and understanding for them.

This happened recently with Jon and the photos he took with his new lens.  So many people had a hard time with the photos because they were different from the pictures they’re used to seeing him take.  It happened when he wrote the book Rose In A Storm.  Because Jon usually writes non-fiction, many people had a hard time understanding that the book was fiction.

And it happens to me too.

When I made my Intuition Goddess Wall Hanging it was so different from anything I’d ever made before that most people didn’t say anything at all.   Some people asked me what it was.  They wanted to be able to place it in a category so they could understand it better.  And I can appreciate that.  But in that instance, I could only say that it was my art. Because often when I make something visual it’s because it’s impossible for me to be able to explain what I’m trying to say in words.

My new quilt, which I first called Grey Day and am now calling Tantra Song, (you can read about its connection to the new title here) is one of those creations.

Familiar in its function as a quilt, but very different from any quilt I’ve ever made before.  And although I was able to explain its origins in my blog post called Grey Day Quilt, I believe it still has enough mystery about it for it not to be just a culmination of those things I can explain,  but to be greater than the sum of its parts.

Tantric Song is for sale.   It measures 64″ x 76″ and is $425 + $20 shipping.  If it speaks to you in questions or answers, and you’re interested in it,  you can email me here at [email protected].

If you have any questions about it or my creative process, you can also email me here.

Here’s a few more details  of Tantra Song

I used pieces of an old quilt top that I used to have hanging outside my Studio Barn in old Bedlam Farm around two edges of the quilt.  The pieces from that quilt are faded and worn from the weather.  I love their muted color and softness.
I knotted red yarn and made a dotted border around the edge of the ground that the Loom weight shape is on.  I also tied some of the tacking yarn on the front instead of the back.  It give the flat pink an added dimension and texture.

8 thoughts on ““Tantra Song” Quilt For Sale

  1. I can remember the first time I posted to my blog hoping I would get a comment, days past and nothing, I felt discouraged but just kept on posting what I had to say and things I wanted to show realizing I was posting for myself first of all. The comments eventually came and I was thrilled knowing someone else read what I had to say and took the time to comment. As I rule I try to comment when I read a blog post. I have found blogs like yours where I will go back through the archives and read all the post because I am so interested in what the blogger has to say or what she is working on. I came late to your blog and so glad I found you I love the uniqueness of your quilts and even post about the dogs, garden and life in general is like sharing a part of someones day, a friend yet met but still worth stopping by and reading what you have to say.

  2. I love the contrast between the vibrant right side and the more muted left, and the way that arresting central figure anchors this quilt, Maria.

  3. Thank YOU for so openly sharing your creative process
    including your disappointments and moving beyond them.
    I am not financially able to buy a quilt now since our
    start-up business takes all our resources. I have bought
    some potholders which I enjoy immensely, the special two
    arrived yesterday.

    1. THanks Sharon. It’s nice to hear you like the quilt. I know they’re not affordable for everyone, that’s one of the reasons I keep making the potholders (beside the fact that I’m obsessed with them).

  4. hi maria, i usually don’t post messages, but i had to tell you that this is actually my favorite quilt of yours so far! i have that book “tantra song” and love it. the color, balance, form, and patterns in your quilt are gorgeous and i enjoy seeing how your work is evolving. i also admire how you follow your intuition—it’s leading you well.

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