House Of Hearts Potholders and Tote Bags For Sale….

Potholders made at House of Hearts in India, for sale  for $15 each + shipping.

When I opened the box of potholders and tote bags from Soma at House of Hearts, I was immediately transported back to Soma’s house in India.  I see the old sewing machines, some of them treadle machines and the other sewing supplies in the small room where the women who work there, sewing blankets and bags and potholders work.

I remember the delicious home cooked meal they gave us and how the kids of the women who work there took off from school to meet us.

I showed one woman how to make potholders while the other women watched.  Sewing was our only common language and somehow it worked.  Two hours later four of the women had made potholders that they later mailed to me in Upstate NY and I sold on my blog.

In February, through funding from so many of you, I  went to India to teach women how to make potholders.  A skill I thought could be useful to them, as it was to me when I started my business.  I thought I would teach them and leave.  I thought  that would be the end of my connection to India and the women there.

But things didn’t go as I expected.  And I wound up providing a market though my blog for products made at House of Hearts.

Now I have, not only  another batch of Potholders to sell from House of Hearts but some beautiful Tote Bags too…

House of Heart’s Tote Bags for sale for $25 + shipping.

The tote bags are made with colorful burlap and trimmed and lined with silk.

Each Potholder and Tote Bag comes with a hand drawn “Thank You” tag from the women who made them, and a House Of Hearts tag explaining the mission of the business to raise the status of women through economic empowerment.

House of Hearts Potholders are $15 each + $5 shipping for 1-2 and $10 shipping for 3 or more.  

House of Hearts Tote Bags are $25 each + $10 shipping. 

If you interested in either Potholders or a Tote Bag, you can email me here at [email protected].  I take checks or can email you a paypal invoice.

The trim and lining of one of the  Tote Bags.


Making Potholders with the women at House Of Hearts.

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  1. Oh, Maria! Their choice of colors are so vibrant and so feminine! How BEAUTIFUL! You are a Dream Maker for these precious women. Annie

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