Donkey Trance



Lulu had me in a trance.

I don’t know why it happens, most of the time, both Fanny and Lulu are interested in eating in the morning.  First treats then grazing as we move out into the pasture.  But sometimes one of the donkeys shows no interest in food and comes up to me and just stands there.

This morning when I scratched Lulu’s ears her head went down low.  She seemed to be settling in.  Maybe Lulu needed it as much as me.

That listening time.

After a while I crouched down next to Lulu, my head just below hers.  I placed my hand under her neck and we just sat there.  I don’t know what Lulu was doing, but I was listening.  Not with my ears to hear words, but with my whole body.  Opening myself up to feeling.

Those moments with Lulu were as soft as the mist and as quiet as the dew.  My brain forgot to think about the coming day and filled itself with the task of being aware of the sensations in my body.  My feet in my boots on the ground, my head leaning against the soft bristle of Lulu’s strong neck.  The stillness of Lulu herself.

I don’t know how long it lasted.  Just the right amount of time for both of us I imagine.

What is it in the quiet of a donkey.

They way they can just stand in one spot, in stillness for hours.  Maybe that’s what Lulu was showing me how to do. Giving me a glimpse of what that feels like.


5 thoughts on “Donkey Trance

  1. “What is it in the quiet of donkeys.” I absolutely loved this, Maria. And what a great photo that captures the sentiment of it too. I’ve been a bit sad as the place I’d hope get donkeys has had to put it on hold for a few years. But I trust when the timing is right, I’ll have my time with the “quiet of donkeys.” For now I shall enjoy the sharing of yours thru your blog. Thank you.


  2. This is a beautiful message, Maria.Your descriptions and phrasing are exquisite. I just can’t get the enchanted Lulu photo out of my mind. I think it would be lovely framed. It has so much depth and serenity.

    Thanks always for sharing your loving spirit with all of us.

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