No Art, Shipping…..

My shipping headquarters

I meant to spend a couple of hours this morning writing up orders and packing up potholders and tote bags.  But It’s 5:30 and I’m still at it.

Thanks to all of you, we’re selling lots of art.

Between the shipment from India and selling Jon’s photos I haven’t gotten into my studio much this week.

We picked up more of Jon’s Blue Heron Photos from George this afternoon.  George is going to work on printing up the Farm on Rt 67 photos next.  He’s just waiting for more ink to come for his printer.

We also took Gus with us and hung some posters around town for the Open House.  Connie  at Battenkill Books  was happy to see him and Heather at Over the Moon Beads gave a big squeal when he ran in the shop.  She showed us some now socks that she ordered for the fall.

Some time In between all that,  Jon took a photo of my Tantra Song Quilt and posted it on his blog.

I sold out of blue House of Hearts Tote Bags and only have one red one left, but there still some green, orange and pink ones.  I think I’m going to get a pink one for myself.

I still have plenty of potholders too.  Some will be going to Lisa at the Round House Cafe for her to sell there.  But I’ll also be selling them at the Open House.  And the tote bags too if I still have any.

I’m determined to get into my studio tomorrow and do some work before going to Belly Dancing Class.

After Dinner Jon and I will pack up more of his Blue Heron Photos for tomorrows mail.  But now I’m going for a walk in the woods with the dogs.  I need to move my body a little and be with the trees.

Jon taking a picture of my Tantra Song quilt.

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