Peaceful Donkey Morning

Fanny wouldn’t leave Jon alone this morning.  She was demanding he pay attention to her, following him around and nudging him with her nose until he did.

Eventually he put his camera down and scratched her head.

I didn’t see Gus sitting under Fanny till I looked at the picture on my iphone.

7 thoughts on “Peaceful Donkey Morning

  1. perhaps to remind you to put down your camera, live in the moment Jon with all of your senses, esp. those of touch and smell. perhaps she sensed your heart needed a moment of heart therapy.
    i realize that you know to look not just thru your camera lens but with your own eyes and senses but sometimes life sends us a gentle reminder . envelop yourself in the smells and tactile senses. its yet another way to expand you art.
    speaking as a blog reader friend only. speaking from a point of view as survivor, i felt a need to let you know no butting into your life or criticizing intended.

    1. I get it Alexa, but this is my blog so it’s a little odd posting a message for Jon on. He won’t see it. And honestly, I don’t think he would appreciate your advice even if he did see it. As you probably know, if you read his blog, he’s not into unsolicited advice.

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