Hand Truck Joy

My new handtruck and shipping envelopes for potholders, and tote bags, all delivered to the back door.

What a beautiful sight on the back porch I came home to.  And I bet it was one of the UPS guy’s easiest deliveries.

Sometime between the last Open House and last week, I decided that I wasn’t going to move all the stuff out of my studio into the house and back again, for the Open House, without a Hand Truck.

And why  I never thought of getting one before,  I can’t say.  But with it, the prospect of making my studio into a gallery is  so much less daunting.

I never would have imagined a Hand Truck could bring me such joy.


4 thoughts on “Hand Truck Joy

  1. Here in Texas we call it a dolly aka dolly cart. Never heard it called a Hand Truck. Maybe I have seen it in writing but didn’t know what they were talking about. Just thought I’d mention it because when I read your post I was wondering what you were talking about. Too funny! Lamar from Texas

    1. I’ve heard it called a dolly Lamar. But here a dolly is usually a small wooden platform with four wheels. It would be interested to know what it was called in other places around the country.

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