Good Monday Morning From Bedlam Farm 9/18/17

I think Gus wants to be friends with all the  sheep. First Zelda, then Socks now Suzy.  This morning Gus gave Suzy a kiss and she seemed to enjoy it.  She even hung back when Red chased them all into the barn, maybe looking for Gus to join them.

2 thoughts on “Good Monday Morning From Bedlam Farm 9/18/17

  1. Oh, gosh. This one has me laughing out loud. First Time I have really laughed all day. It did seems like Suzy enjoyed Gus’s kisses and company. But I can’t help but get absolute joy out of Fate, working so hard, and loving it so. And Gus going along with the joy. And around and about, and in and out of all, here comes serious Red. God love them all. Your Monday videos are priceless!


    Your computer robot tells me I have said this before. Sorry if I am repeating myself! Uh oh. I’ve been putted.

    1. No, it’s lovely to get your thoughts Susie, It’s just that the comments don’t automatically go up, I have to approve them. Thanks for your delight!

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