Fall Garden

Yesterday I cleaned out my Three Sister’s Garden.

Last month, Vince came with his tractor to put gravel in the polebarn and he dug up the grass around my garden making it twice as big. Then he filled the whole thing with year old manure.

I took down the little chicken wire fence, left  the one sunflower that’s still alive and hung the other two on the fence for the birds.    The donkeys got the rest of the sunflowers and everything else that I pulled from the garden.   Then I wrapped the morning glories around Ed Gulley’s Turtle that kept watch over the garden this summer.

I’m not sure what I’ll grow next year.  I’m thinking of planting something different.  I have two whole seasons to think about it.

One thought on “Fall Garden

  1. One of my favorite things about the Fall and Winter is planning the upcoming garden for Spring. You sure have a healthy start to the next seasons garden.

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