Red, Listening For Jon

I don’t take a lot of pictures of Red, mostly because he’s always with Jon and not around me.  But today as we were going out to the sheep, Red stopped and waited for Jon to come out of the house. He was listening intently for him.  I thought this picture captured an intensity and look that is just for Jon.

5 thoughts on “Red, Listening For Jon

  1. Good get, Maria. I don’t remember ever seeing Red’s ears so stiffly held. This IS intensity at its best. And so lovely of you to host the Mansion folks at your studio. You and Jon are miracles.

  2. Maria,
    This is a terrific portrait, a wonderful photo. I am looking forward to what you and your new phone will do next.

    Take care.

    Have a safe and delicious Open House.


  3. Wow you captured a look that is purely for Jon. Seriously, one of the best photos of Red. Really shows just how much the two of them are attached.

  4. Maria, Such a unique pic of Red. This would be a great keepsake. His ears and eyes are spectacular.He is totally dedicated to Jon. What a sweet feeling this must bring Jon. Speaking of our connection to our animals, yesterday was the first day my pony followed me! We have finally hooked on to each other. That took three years! I taught her to give kisses for a carrot! It feels so sweet. I love her! Have a great Open House. Dance with the Belly Dancers! Love, Cindy

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