Studio To Gallery

My handtruck definitely made it easier to move the furniture and boxes of fabric out of my studio.  I vacuumed and even washed the windows and floor.

Yesterday Rachel Barlow dropped off her work and Kitty Farnham dropped off her drawings this afternoon.  I got a box with Karen Heenan’s “Find Your Tribe dolls in the mail today too.

Karen Heenan’s Find Your Tribe Doll. They’re not just for kids.
” Black Heart” By Kitty Farnham
“Return of the Lake” by Rachel Barlow

Tomorrow I’ll get the rest of the rest of the work and will begin hanging the show.

The Laundry room where almost  everything from  inside my studio is stored.


3 thoughts on “Studio To Gallery

  1. Everything looks wonderful, and I’m so glad the dolls made it there in one piece after last year’s attempt at shipping. I hope it’s an amazing weekend and you get some well-deserved rest after it’s done.

    1. Everyone loves your dolls Karen. I’ve been sending people to you ETSY shop (which is also impressive) Jon chose Persist for himself. Thanks so much for them. They help make the Open House complete!

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