Fiber Art Jewelry By Kris Gregson Moss At The Bedlam Farm Open House

A couple of years ago Jon bought me one of Kris’ necklaces.  Then he bought me another.  I didn’t know Kris at the time, but then Carol Conklin told me about her.  I love her work and I knew if she was Carol’s friend I’d want to have her at the Open House.

I’m drawn to her fine sewing and the mix of materials she uses in her work.  Each one is like a tiny sculpture that you can wear.  They’re soft and hard and move when you do, small beads bouncing off each other throwing light and the quietest sound.

If you see one of Kris’ necklaces or a pin that speaks to you,  and you’d like it, let me know.  If you’re coming to the Open House I can save it for you.  If not I can send it to you.  They vary in price from $34- $48.

Oh, and the one with the dancing woman on it is already sold.   I’ll be wearing it at the Open House this weekend.

Any questions or requests you can email me here at [email protected].

For more info on the Bedlam Farm Open House chick here or go to my Events page.

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