The Open House, A Quiet Creative Revolution

The Open House felt like a quiet creative revolution, its fingers reaching out across the country bringing people, who might otherwise not know each other,  together.

At one pm on Saturday, while Kathleen and Jackie danced on our back porch despite the drizzle the biggest crowd I’ve ever seen at Bedlam Farm II watched.  It included people who came from all over the country along with Ali and the kids on the RISSE soccer team and some of the people who live at the mansion.

And that was before the sheep shearing and poetry reading, which took up the rest of the afternoon.

Today was quieter, but just as sweet.

It rained in the morning and I was sure it would rain all day.  I planned to bring my computer into my gallery and sell art online, expecting no one to come to the Open House.  But just before 11am the sun came out and the farm filled up with people once again.

I’m too tired to write about it more right now.  But whether you were there or not I hope you’ll enjoy this short video of The Sister’s of the Shawl.






7 thoughts on “The Open House, A Quiet Creative Revolution

  1. Thank you for the belly dancing video, loved their moving together and their attitude. I am crying, am so moved, means so much to us who could not be there.

  2. Dear Maria, Thank you for posting this video! HOW I LOVE WOMEN WHO LOVE THEIR BODIES, no matter what shape or size, and just thoroughly enjoy life inside their own skin!! LEAVES NO ROOM FOR EXCUSES FOR ME NOT TO LOVE MY BODY, MYSELF, MY LIFE, JUST AS MUCH!! Annie

  3. Those belly dancers rock! Great movements, great music! And I love how they love their bodies. They are not young or thin, but are proud of who they are. I watched this video over and over. Very empowering!

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