Getting My Head Ready For New Mexico

House in Bolpur India

I felt it yesterday after my Bellydancing class.  It was the feeling of having accomplished what I needed to before leaving for New Mexico on Sunday, even if it wasn’t all actually done.   It was a shift inside me.  Bellydancing was the threshold that brought me from one reality to the next.

Tomorrow I’ll work on getting my studio back in order, go to the post office one last time and begin to relax. To get my head and body prepared for our trip.

I lived in Taos for six months about 15 years ago.  I traveled all over the state and surrounding area at that time.   I was very drawn to the landscape, to the natural feeling and look of the architecture.  Earth houses they called them in India, they seem to grow from the ground. Just like adobe in New Mexico, made from the earth.

I’ve always thought of the desert as a place to go to find myself.  The earth seems to be baring it’s soul, inviting me to do the same. I want to break my everyday habits of living while there.  Embrace a different sensibility.  As Nicolas Malebranche said, I want to “deceive my imagination to awaken my spirit”.

Maybe that’s too much to ask of a single place during a ten-day vacation.  But it’s what I’m thinking, what I desire.

I bought two new sketch pads for the trip.  I’m taking my computer, but don’ t plan on looking at my email every day.  Maybe once or twice during the trip.  I’ll only post on my blog and facebook when I am drawn to.  I don’t have an idea of how often that will be.  I won’t know until I experience it.

Oh, and I also plan on having a lot of fun.  Me and Jon on vacation together for ten whole days.  The longest vacation we’ve ever taken.  Doing what we want when we want.  Not so much different from our life together on the farm, and very different at the same time.

7 thoughts on “Getting My Head Ready For New Mexico

  1. 10 days is a real vacation! You have so earned this Maria. Have a blast! You’ll be missed 🙂 Love, Cindy PS- I got my doll! It’s really wild !

  2. Maria, I hope you have a wonderful time. My husband and I just spent 8 days in Santa Fe and the surrounding area and 1 1/2 days in Albuquerque after a few days in Arizona. It was amazing. I had never spent so much time in the high desert. It is very different from the Coast where I grew up and where I live know. We were away 14 days and it was a fabulous way for us to reconnect. Enjoy!

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