And Elephant in the Women’s Room

There I was in the bathroom of Chauncy’s, a diner in Vermont, and I see the elephant. Two ears, (on the molding) two eyes (the screws) and the “good luck” trunk ( the hook).

I couldn’t resist taking her (assuming it’s a girl since I was in the women’s room) picture.

4 thoughts on “And Elephant in the Women’s Room

  1. Ha! I love this! Unless it’s Ganesha of course… Who is wonderful for gracing a journey but maybe not welcome in the ladies room…

  2. Dear Maria, thank you for sharing yourself and your way of seeing the world. I am with you and Jon every day but I figure you don’t want to hear from me that often! I look forward to your vacation and hearing about your soul journey. Warmest regards to you and Jon.

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