The Artist Emerging

Antionette’s Potholder

I took down a framed etching from our dining room wall and hung up Antionette’s Potholer. I loved it the moment I saw it, every scarp of fabric placed just right, every straight and crooked line.

And the woman emerging from it all.

Just as I emerged as an artist over eight years ago, just as Antionette is doing in her life as I write this.

Her creativity blocked for the years she’s been a caregiver, Antionette finally realized the best way for her to remain positive and loving was to pray, create and nurture the artist that she is.

And she began doing that again by hand sewing and quilting some potholders and now a crazy quilt.

In Antoionette’s letter to me that came with the potholder, she wrote that she’s was “inspired by my artistic creativity.”  What gift to me those words are.  I am determined to do my work and make a living at it, but inspiring artists to take their creativity seriously and to do their work has become my calling.

We never know how many people we touch just by being ourselves.   And now I have Antionette’s striking potholder to always remind me.



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