What My Polaroid Does that My Iphone 8 Doesn’t

The day before I got my new iphone 8 and its brilliant camera, I took this Polaroid.   I was trying to get a picture of the spiderweb layered with the grid of the metal fence and the organic lines that the morning glory vines make.

It didn’t come out as I expected and thought it was something I’d be able to capture the next day with the new camera in my phone.

But when I tried it the next day with my new iphone, it didn’t work either.  The camera focused on the metal fencing and the other lines of the spiderweb and vines were lost.

When I saw this Polaroid again today, I found that I liked it not for the picture I was trying to take, but for the picture it is.

The new camera in my iphone has such a clarity and attention to detail, it’s sometime too much.  It’s almost super-real, making it seem staged and somehow unreal.

I love the softness and atmosphere of the Polaroid.  Not an exact replica of what’s there, which can suck the feeling out of a thing, but an interpretation through the lens of a Polaroid and my own eye.

2 thoughts on “What My Polaroid Does that My Iphone 8 Doesn’t

  1. I love this photo, it captures what appears to be the early morning mist in the background and the beauty of the Morning Glory, if I am not mistaken I can make out the spiderweb midway on the photo. I love snapping photos of spiderwebs

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