4 thoughts on “Back At Bedlam Farm

  1. Hi Maria, I have followed your New Mexico trip with interest. I am a child of New Mexico. Born in Los Alamos and there for the first 7 years of my life. How deeply places of New Mexico are in my soul…
    My family from Michigan discovered that they have western U.S souls when they were there and after a brief time in stifling Illinois, we escaped to California. We could spread our wings, breathe and find ourselves. To this day, I have to live with mountains around me and high desert in my yard.
    So, I can understand your connection, your joy in the clear air, majestic views and opening of artistic souls. You added to your discoveries and found new avenues for your art. I am so glad that “my” state is “yours”, too.

  2. I am reading “The Little French Bistro” by Nina George. “Every woman is a priestess,” says one of the characters. The passage following was reminiscent of your writing and artistry. I am enjoying the book. Just wanted to share that little gem with you.

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