Working on Plaza Blanca


Plaza Blanca at the end of the day….

…Gus found a cozy place in my pile of doilies while Fate kept watch at the door.

7 thoughts on “Working on Plaza Blanca

  1. Hi Maria, Is the Plaza Blanca going to be quilt size?

    You have an amazing ability to visualize.

    Tony Breuer
    Treadwell, NY

  2. am i dreaming? or did you start that blue back ground piece before you went to New Mexico? funny i cant get that straight in my mind…

  3. Oh Wow!! That was my first reaction to Plaza Blanca 🙂 Still feeling that sense of awe and wonder as I look at it.

  4. That’s amazing Maria, it evokes exactly the feeling of the picture of the place but in 3D, simple yet not at all. Wonderful, if I were you I’d keep it – I think some things made from the heart have to stay where they’re known. Just beautiful – and how the doggies love it when their humans are busy being creative, don’t they?

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