Fiery Orange and Cool Blue

I pulled four pieces of fabric out of the bag of scraps that Belinda sent me.  Three of them went together so perfectly, I didn’t even have to think about it, I just sewed them together.

That was the  beginning of my new quilt.

One of the nights in New Mexico I dreamed of marigold and pumpkin seeds.

First I saw the marigold seeds, dried and ready to be planted, the wind had blown them into a swirling pattern on the ground.  It was the same with the pumpkin seeds, which I saw next.

I immediately thought of the second Chakra which is orange.   It represents creativity and sexuality, freedom, passion, intuition and emotions.

I was thinking of that dream when I started working on my quilt this morning,  that and the blue sky in New Mexico.  So unlike our dreary November day.

My quilt so far, a mix of fiery orange and cool blue.

2 thoughts on “Fiery Orange and Cool Blue

  1. Maria, the vibrant orange and blue in your new quilt is just amazing. Every piece pops with rich color- I can’t wait to see how it progresses. And your textured quilt with the doilies and deep blue sky is absolutely stunning. Love the depth of it…… your New Mexico trip seems to have awakened another new world and I love it. Beautiful work
    Susan M

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