Giving “Plaza Blanca” Time and Space

Jon’s strong reaction to my Plaza Blanca wall hanging this morning made me think twice about it.

He responded to its simplicity and said he felt it really captured the feeling of being there.

Although I was happy with the way it came out so far, I always have this feeling that when I make something it’s never enough the way it is.  As much as I’m drawn to minimal art when other people make it, when it comes to my work, I always feel like I have to add more.

I decided to give the piece and me some time and space in finishing it.

So instead of working on it today, I started a new quilt.  And when I turned away from it to look for the next piece of fabric in my stash, Gus decided it was the perfect place to take a nap.  Can’t blame him, the sun had just made it’s only quick and fleeting appearance for the day, giving him a soft and warm place to settle in.  (I only let him stay there long enough for me to take the picture).

By the end of the day, I had an idea for the foreground of Plaza Blanca.  Something quiet and simple keeping the feeling that it already has.


3 thoughts on “Giving “Plaza Blanca” Time and Space

  1. Great idea giving the piece and yourself some space, at times less is more and other times we just have to fill a piece with our ideas. Gus is so cute.

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