Picking Up and Dropping off Bedlam Farm Wool

Zelda, Liam, Kim and a little bit of Socks

I just printed out the forms for getting my wool processed at the Vermont Fiber Mill.  Next weekend I’ll pick up the yarn from last fall and winter and drop off this spring and summer’s wool.  The wool that was shorn from the sheep at the Open House.

This time I’m thinking of having some of the white wool dyed.  Not all of it, I’ll keep some white, but I thought it would be interesting to see what the wool is like in different colors.

I’m also thinking of having some of the browns and grey wool made into a bulky wool.  I’m not even sure what that will look like, but I’m thinking it could be used differently than the DK and Worsted I usually get.

So something different for next Spring.

But for this fall, I’ll be selling the last batch of wool in a couple of weeks.  I’ll have Dk and Worsted and bumps for spinning and felting.

6 thoughts on “Picking Up and Dropping off Bedlam Farm Wool

  1. Maria, dyed wool will be wonderful & you are good with color! Also, bulky wool is popular, gets the job done quickly! Will love both! Can’t wait!

    1. not really Sharon, I like to believe it breaks even. But they work in more ways than just the wool in the sheep herding and photos etc. It’s a good question though.

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