Skirt Wool While It’s Warm Out


Skirting  Biddy’s Wool on the front porch with Flo’s help

Make hay while the sun shines, I thought when I fed the cats this morning and noticed how warm it was out.

I have an appointment to drop my wool off at the Vermont Fiber Mill this Sunday, and I still had to skirt it.  (that means picking out all the large pieces of debris, like hay and sticks and seeds etc)

There was a fine drizzle so I hauled out the plastic bags of  wool from the barn (they’ve been sitting there since the sheep were shorn at the Open House) a drop cloth and some extra garbage bags to the front porch.

By the time the rain came down hard enough to hit the porch I only had one more bag of wool to skirt.

When I drop off the wool on Sunday I’ll be picking up the batch I dropped off in the spring.  I’ll have some roving and DK and Worsted wool and will be selling it here, on my blog, just in time for the winter.  A good time to be inside being creative.

I’m planning on keeping some for myself to try out on my new loom.  I can just picture myself after work, when it’s cold and dark outside and I’m in the house, the wood stoves keeping things warm, the dogs and cats scattered around the living room and me weaving.  Almost sounds too good to be true.




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