Picking Up and Dropping Off Bedlam Farm Wool

We dropped off nine bags of wool at the Vermont Fiber Mill this afternoon. Gus came along for the ride and after barking at the Alpacas, he settled right into the place.

Deb brought out a book of color swatches for dying the yarn.  There were so many choices, but I decided on a coral and a teal.  I thought they’d work nicely with the natural gray and brown wool.

I mixed all the white wool together, Romney, Karakul and Cheviot.  For the browns and greys I mixed the Border Leicester with Romney.

I also picked up two boxes of yarn made from last winter’s wool.

I was once again surprised at the change in the colors.   Suzy and Griselle’s wool came out a beautiful light gray and Izzy’s a deep brown.  Pumpkin’s is a deeper shade of gray, his wool gets lighter every shearing.

I’ll put the yarn and some white roving up for sale on my blog tomorrow.

Last winters wool, I’ll be selling here on my blog tomorrow.


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