Bedlam Farm Wool 2017 Video. Wool For Sale

Here’s some pictures and information on the Bedlam Farm Wool I have for sale.

Each skein is 200 yards and they are $25 each.  There’s a 10% discount if you buy four or more.

Shipping is $5 for 1 skein.  $8 for 2-3 skiens and $10 for 4 or more skeins.  I take checks or can email you a paypal invoice.

The white roving bumps are 8oz and $25 each + $15 shipping.

If you’d like some Bedlam Farm Wool, you can email me here at  [email protected].

Here’s what I have available:


Pumpkin’s wool is Border Leicester.  It’s 3 ply worsted and  I have 3 – 200 yard skeins available.


Izzy’s wool is 100% Romney.  It’s 3 ply worsted and I have 6 – 200 yard skeins available.

Socks and Biddy

Sock’s and Biddy’s wool is a mix of Border Leicester and Romney.  It’s 3 ply worsted and I have 4 – 200 yard skeins available.

Rosemary, Zelda, Liam and Kim

I have 4 – 8oz bumps of roving.  It’s a mix of Border Leicester, Romney, Cheviot and Karakul.  They are $25 each + $15 shipping.



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