One of Three Quilts For Ellen


How Ellen’s first quilt began.

I don’t accept most commissions anymore.  Mostly I want to make what I want, when I want.   And I do.  But sometimes a commission is tempting.

As Ellen’s was when she asked me if I would make her three quilts for Christmas gifts for her family.

She sent me a list of the colors that her family members like and left the rest to me.  That works for me.   I also like having three quilts to work on back to back, as I did last Christmas when Linda commissioned me to do something similar for her families Christmas.

Making quilts like this keeps me focused and each quilt informs the next in ways I can’t anticipate.

I started the first of Ellen’s quilts last week.  It was slow going at first, but between yesterday and today I finished designing it.

I didn’t take as many pictures of its progress as I sometimes do.  But you can see a bit with the few pictures I have of how it evolved.

Seeing it all done, I know it was influenced by the weaving I saw in Chimayo NM.

I still have to put the batting in, make the backing and tack it before it’s all done.

7 thoughts on “One of Three Quilts For Ellen

  1. This one is lovely, this is a good way to commission since all of the creativity is up to you with the exception of the colors per request which gives you such a wide range of ideas. I look forward to seeing the others.

  2. I can certainly see the NM influence, and think this is spectacular so far. My sister, and quilting mentor, told me from the day she helped me take my first stitches, to always use orange and/or yellow somewhere in a quilt. It rings so true in so many of your quilts.

  3. Predictably I love it. This one is Eli’s. You must have been channeling him because it looks just like him. There’s a slightly masculine feel here and incidentally he has always loved polkadots. His favorite pillow case when he was little was a dotted swiss. And can I just say? This is big fun!

    1. Oh Great Ellen! I’m so glad you like it. I was thinking it had a masculine look to it too. And what look like polkadots in the photo is really stars. I was thinking night sky…

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