Jon and I were watching the video he took of Red herding the sheep yesterday.  (Jon makes it look so easy compared to my attempt at sheep herding in my Monday Morning video this morning)   Red always gets confused when we watch one of our videos especially when he hears Jon’s voice giving commands.

Red was paying close attention to the sounds coming from Jon’s phone when I took this picture of him.

This afternoon Jon took Red to the Vet because he wasn’t eating.  He had a temperature of 105.  We’re not sure what’s wrong,   but he’s on antibiotics and had acupuncture to help lower his temperature and help boost his immune system.  He needs to rest too, so no more sheep herding for the next couple of days.   Hopefully he’ll start feeling better tomorrow.

9 thoughts on “Red

  1. Oh Maria! I don’t know how to love this photo enough!
    As an owner of a dear Border Collie who died not so long ago, I feel especially drawn to Red. I am visualizing health and uncomplicated recovery for this beautiful guy❤️

  2. Maria your portrait of Red is impressive…

    He appears to emerge from the darkness “pushing light forward”, yet still remains and retains a connection to the darkness-simultaneously. Very spiritual.

    It also immediately reminded me of yin-yang ~ two opposites balanced ~just as opposites in life exist side by side.

    Yes, what you captured is both impressive and thought provoking (and a wonderful picture of Red) thank you for sharing….

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