Wild Thing

This is Fate after running around the sheep during morning chores.  She looks a bit like a wild thing.

5 thoughts on “Wild Thing

  1. Dear Maria, I love this WILD photo! And I love the COLORS you painted reminiscent of NM in your kitchen continuing the SouthWest theme in your dining room, that Jon shot a long, sort of sideways photo of. The red door and the red window trim is magnificent. Annie

  2. Annie B’s comment reminded me: when I saw Jon’s photo of your new New Mexico-inspired colors, my first thought was, “It’s just like a giant, many-sided quilt! Of course!” Glorious gatherings of colors and textures – wow! That’s one huge, dwell-able piece of art and it is stunning! And I also thought of how wonderful those brilliant colors will feel come February and March… when the sky meets the ground in grays.
    Just had to let you know 🙂

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