Bringing Hats to The Mansion


Jon, Diane and Sylvie

By the time we left the Mansion today, everyone in the diningroom  who wanted a hat was wearing one.

A few weeks ago Ruth, who lives at The Mansion (the Assisted Living Facility where Jon and Red do therapy work and much more) told Jon she needed a warm winter hat.

That started Jon’s campaign to get hats for all the residents at The Mansion who wanted them.

I had some that were donated by Sue Smith, one of the artists from the last Open House and Jon wrote about it on his blog.  It didn’t take long for The Army of Good to respond.

When Jon and Red and I got to The Mansion today there was a big envelope of knit hats waiting.  I’m not sure who sent them (Thank You!) I didn’t see a name or note anywhere.

Jon and I went around handing out hats.  Finding the best hat for each person.  Barb chose a blue one and Peggy a red one.  Jon helped Diane put hers on.

Those hats brought such joy to the people who live at The Mansion today. I felt lucky to be a part of it.

Jon has figured out how to bring the outside world into The Mansion in some very simple, but very meaningful ways.   And at the same time, through his pictures and writing,  he’s introduced the people who live there into the lives of people all over the country.


3 thoughts on “Bringing Hats to The Mansion

  1. It’s not that often people get to or are willing to make a difference in so many people’s lives…..I’m proud of both you and Jon for doing so.

  2. Maria, did you ever in your life think that your life as well as Jon’s would become what it is, a conduit for good and positive things that will help others in their lives. The visual pleasure you both bring into other’s lives, the work that you both do, he with his photography and volunteer work, you with your textile work, what a blessing for you both and for the many others who follow both your websites here.
    The carving of the heron and the birds has touched my heart as well. My textile work often reflects the curvilinear lines of birds, with their feathers, the shapes of their bodies. I sometimes wonder if I was a bird in another life…but then I also wonder if my genes travelled from the eastern part of Central Asia…I relate so to their designwork. And there will be no answers at the end of the line.
    SandyP, in Mono, Ontario, Canada

    1. I think it has to do with living a creative life Sandy. You know how that works, one idea leads to another. My work has always taken me to new and unexpected places.

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