Waiting With the Sun at The Round House Cafe


Jackie texted me that she was running late.   I sat in the Round House Cafe, at the small table closest to the big old store front windows and told myself I would just sit and wait for her.

I wouldn’t  take out my iPhone and check my email or  pull out my sketch pad.  I would take the time waiting to observe my surroundings.  To notice the sun lighting up the hand thrown ceramic mugs, cloth napkins and  bees-wax candles that were on the old general store shelves lining the walls.

Each time someone came in or went out of the cafe, I watched the bell on the door bounce on its metal bracket until it was still.

But when I saw the light coming through my glass of water, reflecting and casting shadows on my paper napkin on the table in front of me, I couldn’t resist.  I pulled out my iPhone and took some pictures.

When Jackie got to the cafe, I showed her the picture.  She said she wouldn’t have known what it was if I hadn’t told her.

I wish I could see it that way.  As a mystery.  But I’m too close to it.

At least I was able to see it to begin with.


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