Get A Pink Potholder and House Of Hearts Tote Bag… On Sale

House of Hearts tote bag and Little Window Potholder.

I looked at the last Little Window Potholder next to the pink House of Hearts Tote Bag on the  bed in my  office/guest room.

What a perfect match I thought, they really do go together well.

So I took them outside and took a picture deciding I’d sell them together at a reduced price.

My potholder holder is usually $15 and the House of Hearts Tote bag is $25. I also still have three more of the pink House of Hearts Tote Bags.

The Potholder and Tote bag are sold, but if you’d like just a pink House Of Hearts Tote Bag,  they are on sale for $20 + $8 shipping.  

You can email me here at [email protected].  I take checks and PayPal.

The House Of Hearts Tote Bags are, as many of you know, made in India by the same women I taught to make potholders when I was there in February.  Soon I’ll be ordering  new bags that the women at House of Hearts are making and more potholders.

Each time someone buys a potholder or tote bag from House of Hearts you are helping to raise the status of the women who work there.

You can visit the House of Hearts facebook page here. 

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