Gus, Fanny and Lulu

Yesterday I lost the Turquoise necklace that Jon bought me in New Mexico.   This afternoon I retraced my steps and found it in the back pasture.  It must have just slipped off my neck.

I was so focused on looking at the ground, I didn’t realize as I walked in yesterdays footsteps, that the animals were following me, just as they did yesterday.   I picked up the necklace in the back pasture and there were Fanny and Lulu looking to see what I had.

I was so happy to find the necklace I reached down and picked up Gus and put him on Fanny’s back.  As if she knew I was going to take a picture, Lulu walked up and stood right next to Fanny.

They all seemed pretty comfortable with the idea.

4 thoughts on “Gus, Fanny and Lulu

  1. Oh, Maria! I’m so glad that you found your NM necklace in the pasture! Until someone has tried to do this, they have no idea of how difficult it is, even if you retrace every step. And I love this photo. Annie

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