The Third Quilt for Ellen

This quilt just flowed.  It came together so easily.  It’s the third and last quilt that I’m making for Ellen.

I still have to back and tack it, but soon the three quilts will be all done and ready for Ellen’s family for Christmas.

I often wonder how much of what I’m feeling and what I’m listening to goes into my quilts.  I’ve been reading the new Biography on Lou Reed and while I made this quilt I listened to many of his records.

Most of the music was new to me, I never really listened much to Lou Reed, but reading his biography made me want to hear his music.

I love Apple Music for just this reason.  I get to listen to just about any music I want.  They make it so easy.

I used a pair of Jon’s old jeans in this quilt.  You can see the wear in the jeans fabric in the first patch I made and the shadow of the unfaded pocket towards the bottom.  Some of the other fabric came from my friend Susan, who just a couple of weeks ago,  brought me a bag of linens that were her mothers. There’s also two sets of scrubs, and some Indian fabric.

I’ll be finishing it up next week.

6 thoughts on “The Third Quilt for Ellen

  1. Okay this is a lot of synchronicity even for someone who believes in a lot of synchronicity. This is Benjamin’s quilt. The colors here are the ones I told you would work best in his artistic little house. I wrote a book a while back called Good Grief, in large part about his dad’s sudden death a few years ago One of the songs we played at the memorial was an old favorite of Steve’s. He and Benjamin played it unendingly when Benjamin was about four or five. Take a Walk on the Wild Side, by who else? Lou Reed.
    This is possibly my favorite quilt you’ve ever made. I love it

  2. I believe we put bits of our lives into out quilts, everything going on around us while we work gets pulled into our work I think many times without us realizing it. This quilt is my favorite so far it reminds me of choices and following life’s path it’s quite moving. Its beautiful.

  3. These three quilts are all so beautiful! I am amazed that you were listening to Lou Reed while making this quilt for Ellen’s son, and it is a Lou Reed song that is so meaningful to Ellen’s son. Sound waves and similar brain waves really do flow thru our atmosphere connecting us. Annie

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