Apple Branch Sculpture, In The Snow Again

Apple Branch Sculpture

It’s not yet a year since I made my Apple Branch Sculpture.  But it was conceived with a March snow fall last year and now the snow is back, for a while anyway, and the sculpture looks good again.

The fall was its barest season, surrounded by fallen gourds whose vines wrapped themselves around the branches all summer.

Now the snow makes the sculptures lines more visible, filling in the “Y”‘s of the branches.

I keep adding to it as branches from the big old maples and birch fall.  There’s not much bark left for the animals to nibble on, but I find tufts of wool from the sheep using it as a scratching post.

And if it keeps snowing, they might find its the best thing around to chew on.  Hopefully better than the barn.

Here’s a video of the sculpture when I first made it.  It looks a little different now.

4 thoughts on “Apple Branch Sculpture, In The Snow Again

  1. There’s a form of composting called ‘hugelkultur’ that use branches and limbs in a mound [eventually covered with other green material] and turned into raised garden beds. This may not be what you were developing but just the bramble of a twisted wood pile gives birds and other small creatures a natural, protected nesting area. It seems very much like something YOU would do! 🙂

    1. Well, it doesn’t seem like that what I’m doing without knowing it Cheryl. I really like that idea, partly because it allows the changes to happen over a slow period of time. I’m going to goole hugelkultur.

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