First Snow

We’ve had an unusually mild and sunny November.  Last night we had our first real snow.

I thought Gus might act  like the cats, lifting one paw at a time and shaking the snow from it with each step. But instead, we watched Gus run around in circles, tumbling on his back and getting up covered in white as he and Fate  chased each other around the yard.

He loved it.

The sun comes and goes, but it’s cold enough that the snow isn’t melting.  The donkeys and sheep are nuzzling at it to get to the thinning grass beneath  it.  Or, they’re resting on the dry ground in the pole barn.

Today’s the last day of hunting season, so tomorrow I’ll be able to get back into the woods. I hope the snow stays till then.  I’d like to take a walk in it.


2 thoughts on “First Snow

  1. thank God hunting season is over, feels bad that you have to give up time in the woods out of fear for your safety. Deer hunter killed a woman walking her dogs in western NY, mistook her for a deer. So safe is better….

    1. I do miss not being able to walk in the woods, but it’s part of life here. It’s such a strong and enduring tradition and necessity for many people who live here to hunt. This goes for a lot of the women who live here too. I’m glad to have the woods back.

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