My drawing of our living room.

I haven’t done many drawings lately, but Saturday night I was reading the new book about  Leonardo DiVinci  by Walter Isaacson (I usually just read one book at a time, but I’m going back and forth between Leonardo and Lou Reed with some fiction in-between.  I just finished Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng) and I was inspired  to observe what was in front of me as much as I was to draw it.

I was also in a foul mood and drawing often helps me feel better.  I’m not sure why.

So I did a few drawings and this was my favorite.  I think it captures the essence of our living room.

( I’m loving the Leonardo book.   It’s very readable and is filled with Leonardo’s fascinating ideas, (some of the borne out and most of them not) from painting to weapons to stage sets.  There are lots full color photos throughout the book so you can  see what Isaacson is writing about.  And Leonardo’s notebooks are as interesting and beautiful as his paintings. )


2 thoughts on “Drawing

  1. Thanks for the da Vinci book tip AND for the drawing. I am trying to get into the habit of drawing every day. Abrah made me a blank book years ago that I have not “dared” to write in … so I have begun making little drawings about the day each day. It’s fun! And, as you noted, calming. Who knew?!? LOL <3

    1. I know that feeling of not daring to draw in a book like that Maggie. That’s part of the reason I started working with recycled fabrics, less pressure. Have fun with your drawings, I think it’s a great idea. And maybe you’ll share them with us sometime.

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