A Warm Spot

Jon was pretty sick yesterday, but he’s almost completely  himself today.  I’m doing my best to get him to rest.

When I came in for lunch Gus was napping on Jon’s shoulder, the two of them just waking up.

It could be Gus was just trying to find a warm spot in the sun, but he’s never done that before.  So maybe  Gus has the makings of a good therapy dog after all.  Or maybe he just wanted to snuggle with Jon.

Either way, they both found a warm spot on a cold day.

4 thoughts on “A Warm Spot

  1. Maybe it’s the fever (or the meds)…but Jon looks “deleriously” happy in this photo – and Gus looks pretty pleased with himself as well! Wonderfully warm picture : )

    Kathleen M

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