One More Quilt For Ellen….

Ellen Stimson, who commissioned the three quilts, from me is a writer.  And a really good story teller.

In her last email  she told me the story of how her son and his girlfriend met when he took care of a dog she found.  Then she asked me if I could make one more quilt for Christmas for her son’s girlfriend, Maral.

Maral’s from Iran and this is the her first Christmas in America.

Jon and I first met Ellen a couple of years ago at Battenkill Books where she was doing a reading of her Christmas book An Old Fashioned Christmas: Sweet Traditions for Hearth and Home.  It’s a book of stories and recipes.  I know Ellen’s house is very good place, for someone new to this country, to spend their first Christmas.

Ellen sent me a list of Maral’s favorite colors.  I ordered another roll of wool batting, which came today, and started working on another quilt.

Time is short with Christmas only a little more than a week away, but since I don’t have to ship the quilts (Ellen lives close by in Vermont) it should all work out.

Here’s the progress of the quilt so far….

This is what the quilt looked like when I left my studio this evening.

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