The Forth Quilt For Ellen, Almost Done…

I was in the zone with the quilt I was working on today.

It’s the fourth and last quilt for Ellen.

I stopped to have lunch and took a walk with the dogs, but then got right back to it, not wanting to disrupt the flow too much.

That creative space was hovering just outside and around me.  I only  had to step into it and allow it to happen.


I’m almost done….

4 thoughts on “The Forth Quilt For Ellen, Almost Done…

  1. Spectacular. I am switching the one meant for Hannah to Maral and this one is all Hannah. All along the one with those coral splashes looked more like Maral to me and when I found out she was coming I thought, oh well, maybe the next one Maria makes will look like her too. Well it doesn’t. This one looks just like Hannah. My ocean girl who lives on Martha’s Vineyard will LOVE these waves. She has a blue Great Dane names Elsie and these colours are perfect for her.
    I love your work Maria

    1. I love how this is all working out Ellen. This quilt is so different from the other three, and it does have the feel of the ocean and beach in it. I’m so glad they are all falling into place.

  2. It is New Mexico through and through to me….Would love to see all 4 quilts together or on the same post before they go to Ellen. It is some of my favorite work…..peace and joy to you et al!!

    1. Thanks Marcia, I can see the colors of New Mexico in this, although I wasn’t consciously thinking of it. It’s a good idea to take a picture of the four quilt together.

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