“Ocean” Ellen’s Final Quilt

I finished Ellen’s last quilt today.  I’m calling it “Ocean”

It’s not completely done in the top photo, still had some tacking to do on the top.   You can see the tacking finished on the back of the quilt,  in the bottom picture.

It’s too late to put the quilts in the mail.  They’d never get to Ellen in time for Christmas.  I’ll either bring them to her house (she offered to cook for me) or we’ll meet someplace in-between and I’ll take her up on her offer to get together  after the holidays.

I do love to look at the squares that the fluffy wool batting and tacking make.  Reminds me of that game “Dots”  where you box off squares between the dots, filling it with your initials.  Whoever has the most boxes at the end of the game wins.

The last thing I’ll do is make small labels with the name of the quilt, my initials and the year, and sew them to the back of the quilts.  I usually stitch all of that directly onto the quilt when I use the thin cotton batting, but I can’t do that with the wool batting, it’s too thick.  It will be a nice way to finish them off.

9 thoughts on ““Ocean” Ellen’s Final Quilt

  1. Need to clarify my previous post. I sure don’t mean they are ugly. They are two beautiful fur babies guarding your quilt. I always think of gargoyles when looking at animals guarding things.

    1. I know just what you mean Patsy. I often think that Gus especially looks like a gargoyle. He has that posture, the curve of his neck. They do look like they are guarding the quilt, perhaps they are.

  2. I love the fluffy batting,too, adds dimension and texture. All of these quilts were amazing, Maria. As if that’s a surprise!!

  3. …Dear Ellen. All my life, I’ve wanted a fairy godmother. Feel free to adopt me at any time.
    p.s. Any of Maria’s quilts would be just fine with me. With love, Cheryl B.

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